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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stories in the Park: My Back Yard with Emily from FLIC!

Yay, Emily! Thank you so much for coming to the park and helping with our program today! Emily works at the Finger Lakes Independence Center and has been kind enough to share storytimes with me from time to time. It was fun learning new signs, sharing songs, and learning about your wheelchair, Emily. I know that folks sometimes wonder what it's like to get around in a chair. You let kids ask questions, and that helps us learn about how people other than ourselves live. I also love your enthusiasm :) Thanks again for joining me!
Here are the books we read today:
Wild Backyard by Kate Riggs; Ills. by Fiametta Dogi 
A Good Day by Kevin Henkes
Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep by April Pulley Sayre; Ills. by Steve Jenkins
Tails by Matthew VanFleet
Oh, Wild Backyard...I loved this sweet little book from the moment I saw it! It actually inspired the theme for today - a new one for me. The illustrations are big, bright and exquisite, and the narrative short and sweet. If you'd like to teach your littlest ones about nature this is a perfect choice. Emily taught us the ASL (American Sign Language) for all the critters in the book.

A Good Day is also another short, sweet favorite of mine. Ever have a day that started out bad? Kevin Henkes walks us through one of those days and shows us not to worry - things can turn around! I love Kevin Henkes' style: simple, touching, childlike. Try some other Kevin Henkes books!

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep by April Pulley Sayre seemed like a good fit for the theme of My Back Yard. Who doesn't have squirrels in their yard? Call me weird, but I adore squirrels - they fascinate me! So when one of my favorite authors teams up with one of my favorite illustrators and does a book about squirrels - well, it's the perfect storm ; ) Emily reminded us of the ASL for squirrel, which we learned when we read Wild Backyard. Then she taught us how to say "tail" in ASL so we could do it while listening to a felt board called Gray Squirrel. This is based on the song Gray Squirrel by Kathy Reid Naiman from her When It's Autumn CD. Check this CD out sometime soon - it's the perfect CD for this time of year! 

Can you believe that it's almost Autumn?? Because we shook our bushy tails with that song, I thought it would be fun to end up with our Office Ref copy of Matthew VanFleet's Tails. We saw all kinds of tails in this book, and hey, some people's back yards have alligators or warthogs in them! This is a great touch and feel, pull the tabs, and lift the flaps book. 
Let's shake our bushy tails to Kathy's song, Gray Squirrel:

Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,

shake your bushy tail.

Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,

shake your bushy tail.

Pick an acorn with your toes,

wrinkle up your little nose~

Gray Squirrel, gray squirrel,

shake your bushy tail!

Brown squirrel, brown squirrel,

shake your bushy tail…..! (sing and move a little faster)

Black squirrel, black squirrel,

shake your bushy tail…..!! (sing and move a little faster!)

Red Squirrel, red squirrel,

shake your bushy tail…..!!! (As fast as you can!)

And here's another version of There's Something Out There for today's theme: 

There’s Something in My Yard!

There’s something in my yard that I can’t really see.
(hands around eyes like binoculars)

There’s something in my yard! Now what can it be?

Let’s listen to its sound:

Squirrel [Chuk-chuk-chuk-chuk...]

Bird [Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!]

Cricket [Crrrikit! Crrrikit! Crrrikit!]

Mosquito [Eeeeeeeeeee!]

Snake [Hiss, hiss….]

I love that chant! Thanks to Kate for sharing the original version with me. All you need is one version, then take off with your imagination! It's another way to utilize puppets during storytime while learning about animals.
Let's talk about the solar eclipse!!!
It's happening, and we're celebrating! Join us, if you're able, for Eclipse in the Park, this Monday at Dewitt Park (weather willing!) from 12:30 - 1:30. The program will end right around the very beginning of the eclipse. (Remember it takes a little over an hour to get to the midway point, so if you join us you won't have to miss a thing!) I'm planning fables and facts, a solar system felt board, and a live action felt board (be ready to volunteer!) and even some planetary dancing. You better check it out ; ) We'll read our stories and do our songs at the park, (again, weather willing,) and afterwards head over to the library for crafts. TCPL will be stopping everything around the midway point so we can all go outside and check out the eclipse!
Hope to see you monday! 
Miss Kelly
Here's a booklist!

Wild Backyard by Kate Riggs; Ills. by Fiametta Dogi

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep by April Pulley Sayre; Ills. by Steve Jenkins

Tails by Matthew VanFleet

That Neighbor Kid by Daniel Miyares

A Perfect Day by Lane Smith

Up, Down, and Around by Katherine Ayres

Outside Your Window: a First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies

Oh Yeah! By Tom Birdseye

Baby Owl’s Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Let’s Go by Charlotte Dematons

I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd

In My Backyard by Valarie Giogas

Dig + Water = Mud by Katherine Hannigan

Splash! by Ann Jonas

Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler

He Was There the Day We Moved In by Rhoda Levine

            Backyard Bear by Anne F. Rockwell

            When Jack Goes Out by Pat Schories

Night Cat by Margaret Beames; Ills. by Sue Hitchcock


            My Backyard Community by Bobbie Kalman J 577.554 Kalman

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