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Friday, August 4, 2017

Baby Storytime

It was another silly and fun morning!  This morning our first book was...

Pat-a-Cake by Mary Brigid Barrett 

....and them we shared these together:

Pudding on the Plate from Jbrary

Pudding on the plate, pudding on the plate
Wibble wobble, wibble wobble
Pudding on the plate.

Candies in a jar, Candies in a jar
Shake them up, shake them up
Candies in a jar.

Sausage in the pan, Sausage in the pan
Turn it round, turn it round
Sausage in the pan.

Round and Round the Butter Dish from Jbrary

Round and round the butter dish
One, two, three!
A little here, a little there,
As tasty as can be!

Five Little Peas

Five little peas in a pea pod pressed
One grew, two grew, so did all the rest.
They grew and grew
And did not stop,
Until one day
The pod went POP!

After all of that food talk, we learned the baby sign for eat (a SUPER helpful one to know!).

Early Literacy Tip

Learn more baby signs here at the library by joining us for Baby Signs® with Jill Barbuti van Leuken on Saturdays, August 5th - 26th at 12:30 in the Thaler/Howell Programming Room.

Then we read...

Peekaboo! On the Farm by Cocoretto

...and shared this little fingerplay and bouncing rhyme (it was so much fun! So many smiles!):

Baby Game
from Storytime Secrets

This is the Way from Jbrary

This is the way the ladies ride.
Nim, nim, nim
This is the way the gentleman rides.
Trim, trim, trim
This is the way the farmer rides.
Turot, turot, turot
And this is the way the hunter rides
Galop, galop, galop, galop.

Some puppets joined us for Over in the Barnyard and then we finished up with scarves and our goodbye rhymes and songs!

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