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Friday, January 27, 2017

Baby Storytime

I was so happy to see you all this week.  I apologize for cancelling Baby Storytime last week.  I was too sick to come in and missed you all.  We had a big group this morning and lots of fun (and thank you to all the parents who sang so well along with me!  My voice is still a little rough!).

Today we started by reading...

I Love You, Baby by Giles Andreae 

...and sang one of my favorite little songs called Skinnamarink from Jbrary. We also shared this little fingerplay from Storytime Secrets:

Head and Shoulders Baby

Head and shoulders baby, 123
Head and shoulders baby, 123
Head and shoulders
Head and shoulders
Head and shoulders baby, 123

Repeat with knees and ankles... tummy and back

Next we read...

Look, Look Again by Agnese Baruzzi

....and some puppet friends joined us for Over in the Barnyard

Last we read....

Look Up by Maya Ajmera

...and shared the little movement rhyme called "Up Up Up" which always makes everyone smile! We also shared this little fingerplay:

Roly Poly from Storytime Katie

Roly, Poly, Roly Poly
Up, Up, Up Down, Down, Down
Roly, Poly, Roly, Roly, Poly, Roly
Up Up Up
Down, Down, Down

After reading about things we see in the sky, we learned the sign for bird with our weekly baby sign song.

Early Literacy Tip

Sign your baby up for a library card!

We then shared our weekly fingerplay called "Big, Small", shaker time and said goodbye for today.  Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Library to Host Construction-Themed Storytime

In celebration of its upcoming renovations, Tompkins County Public Library will host a special construction-themed storytime for children and families, Monday, February 6 at 11 a.m. in the Thaler/Howell Programming Room.

Toddlers, preschoolers and their caregivers will help TCPL say “so-long” to its old carpet, while enjoying stories, songs and crafts about building and construction. The Library will provide construction hats for children to wear while they learn and play.

For more information, please contact the Youth Services Department at (607) 272-4557 ext. 275.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Baby Storytime

We had such a delightful morning today!  Thank you all for coming.

After our opening songs and rhymes (you can find those linked in our storytime blog from last week), we read....

Little Sleepyhead by Elizabeth McPike

....and we shared the fingerplay Two Little Eyes from Jbrary along with this one:

Where Is My Nose from Storytime Secrets

I uncover my eyes
And what do I see?
I can see you
And I can see me I can see my fingers
I can see my toes
I can see my tummy
But I can’t see my nose!

Next we read....

Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep by April Pulley Sayre

...and some sleepy puppet friends then joined us for this little song from Jbrary:

Bear Is Sleeping

Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping
Wake him up, wake him up
Come and say hello bear, come and say hello bear
Time to eat

Repeat with other animals (this sloth was hard to wake up!)

For our baby sign song today, we learned the sign for "bed" and then read this sweet little book....

Global Baby Bedtimes by Maya Ajmera

..and shared the fingerplay Here is the Baby along with one of my favorite rhymes where we lift the babies up on "Cuckoo!".  So much cuteness!!

Tick Tock

Tick-tock, tick tock, I’m a little cuckoo clock.
Tick-tock, tick tock, Now I’m striking one o’clock.

Tick-tock, tick tock, I’m a little cuckoo clock.
Tick-tock, tick tock,
Now I’m striking two o’clock.
Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Early Literacy Tip

You don’t need to read each word in a book! Tailor the story to what will engage your baby. Follow baby’s lead and have fun!

We finished up with lots of laughing with scarves and said goodbye for this week.  See you soon!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Library to Host “Sensory Science: Exploring Food”

Children ages 3 through 7 are invited to use their senses to explore stories, songs and hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) activities during 
Tompkins County Public Library’s “Sensory Science,” Thursday, January 19 at 3:30 p.m. in the Thaler/Howell Programming Room.

“Sensory Science” begins with a storytime featuring interactive books, songs and movement to stimulate the senses and promote learning. January’s program will explore the wonder and science of food. Following the storytime, learners make their own playdough using flour, salt and water, plus engineer their own towers using straws.

This program is free and open to children of all abilities; however, it is especially designed for children with sensory integration challenges.

To register, visit

Friday, January 6, 2017

Baby Storytime

It was wonderful to see all the happy baby faces on this frigid morning!  Welcome back, everyone!

Each session we begin our storytime with two rhymes or songs that we repeat each week during that session.  This Winter/Spring session we're starting with We Clap and Sing Hello and one of my new favorite songs, Baby Put Your Pants On.  It's a wonderful song for getting baby dressed or during diaper changes!

Then we read...

Snuggle Wuggle by Jonathan London which was a perfect book for a cold day!

...and we shared our love with the babies with this fun little rhyme:

Acka Bicka from Jbrary

Acka backa soda cracker
Acka backa boo.
Acka backa soda cracker up goes you.
Acka backa soda cracker
Acka backa boo
Acka backa soda cracker
I love you!

We then counted our kisses with the "Kiss, Kiss Song"

Next we read...

Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson

...and some big and small puppet friends joined us for this little rhyme:

 Hickory Dickory Dare adapted from Jbrary

Hickory dickory dare
Big dog jumped up in the air
Mom and dad soon brought him down
Hickory dickory dare

Repeat with small mouse, big cow, etc.

We then learned the baby sign for "book" together with our new baby sign song.  :)

Last we read....

Vroom, Vroom Trucks! by Karen Katz

...and we shared this song, sung to the tune of "Little Red Wagon".  I added three more verses of my own. 

Bumpity, Bumpity Goes the Dump Truck adapted from Jbrary

Bumping, bumping goes the dump truck
Bumping, bumping goes the dump truck
Bumping, bumping goes the dump truck
Dump out the load.

Repeat with scooping goes the loader, lifting goes the tall crane, pushing goes the dozer

We also said the quick rhyme Cranes Reach High which I added a second verse to:

Cranes and Dump Trucks

Cranes reach up
Cranes reach down
Cranes reach out
And all around.

Trucks dump left
Truck dump right
Trucks dump dirt
With all their might

Early Literacy Tip

When you talk with your baby, leave time for your baby to answer with cooing or babbling. S/he is learning that conversation goes two ways. This is the beginning of narrative skills, one of the foundations of early literacy.

As do we early week at baby storytime, we shared Mel's Desk's Big, Little fingerplay.  It's so wonderful to see that some of the little ones are now joining in with the hand movements too! Go, babies!!

We finished up with shakers and our new goodbye songs and rhymes.  Here's one of them:

Goodbye Train from Jbrary
Tune: She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain

Oh the goodbye train is leaving see you soon
Oh the goodbye train is leaving see you soon
Oh the goodbye train is leaving, the goodbye train is leaving
Oh the goodbye train is leaving see you soon

So we'll say goodbye to babies, see you soon.
And we'll say goodbye to parents, see you soon.
We'll say goodbye to grandmas & we'll say goodbye to grandpas
We’ll say goodbye to nannies, see you soon.

I want to give a special shout out thank you to the good folks at Jbrary!  You're amazing!  As you can see, many of my songs and rhymes are from their wonderful site.  You can check it out here.

See you next week!