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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Family Storytime: Trucks!

Trucks! Ya gotta love 'em! Okay, no you don't, but a lot of kids do love trucks, so we had fun today :) We read:

SUPERTRUCK by Stephen Savage
Trucks Roll! by George Ella Lyon; Ills. by Craig Frazier
Digger Dog by William Bee
Giant Pop-out Vehicles (an office ref book)

I love Supertruck! When a snow storm hits the city and all the other trucks are stuck, what can a mild mannered little garbage truck do to help? Why, sneak into the nearest garage, and change into.... SUPERTRUCK! A classic tale of how even little guys can do BIG things :) Trucks Roll is a fun, in your face, truck book for truck lovers, too. Great illustrations and information about all kinds of things trucks do. Digger Dog is a newer book by William Bee that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger....check it out and see what I mean!

Here's a truck chant that I made up to go with a big, truck pop-up book that has really cool pop-ups, but way too many words for storytime. We didn't use the book today, but the chant is fun on it's own - if you and your child stand up and get moving and stretching with this one, you can get some good exercise in, too :)

Construction Vehicles
Bulldozer, bulldozer,
Push that dirt! (Hands out in front, use those shoulder muscles and push!)
All day long you
Work, work, work!
Tractor, tractor,
Dig that row! (Make a V with your hands for the plow-front and dig with a forward motion!)
Plant that corn!
Plow, plow, plow!
Forklift, forklift,
Lift things high! (With arms at sides, lift forearms to a 90 degree angle and raise them!)
Stack those pallets
To the sky!
Dump truck, dump truck,
Tip your load! (Tip backward, forward, then pump those arms!)
Fill your bed again~
Go, go, go!
Tower crane, tower crane,
Reach so far~ (Arms up high, make a hook with your hands and lift - use tippy toes!)
Lift those girders up
To the stars!

What other construction vehicles and movements can you come up with? 

See our Toddler Storytime: Trucks post for more songs and fingerplays and books about trucks!

See you next time!
Miss Kelly

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Toddler Storytime: Trucks!

Today's theme for Toddler Storytime was TRUCKS! Like 'em or not, they are a big presence in our society. Many toddlers love trucks because of the noises they make. If your toddler loves trucks, check out our trucks booklist on the TCPL website - you'll find the books we read today, and many more!
Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle; Ills. by Jill McElmurray
The Little Dump Truck by Margery Cuyler; Ills. by Bob Kolar
Truck Jam (an office ref book) by Paul Stickland

I just love Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurray. The tone is cheerful, the illustrations are sweet and there is a lesson about kindness and friendship. AND it's about trucks! You can't really go wrong with that :) The Little Dump Truck is for the hard-core toddler truck enthusiast - it goes on and on! But I shortened it to share with our toddlers today, because the illustrations are clear and friendly, and the book shares a lot about what trucks really do in our communities. Truck Jam is one of the many fun pop-up books we have in our Youth Services office to occasionally add a little 'zing' to our programming. Quite often by the end of Toddler Storytime, we need a little zing :)

Here's a song for your truck-loving, little one:
Bumpin' Up and Down Construction
(Sing to the tune of The Paw-Paw Patch)
Bumpin' up and down in my big blue dump truck, (Encourage toddler to "grab a steering wheel" and bounce!)
Bumpin' up and down in my big blue dump truck, 
Bumpin' up and down in my big blue dump truck, 
Won't you be my darlin'?
Lifting things high with my big red crane, (Stretch those arms up high!)
Lifting things high with my big red crane,
Lifting things high with my big red crane,
Won't you be my darlin'?
Smoothing things out with my big yellow roller, (Roll it out!)
Smoothing things out with my big yellow roller,
Smoothing things out with my big yellow roller,
Won't you be my darlin'?

Our felt board was Five Big Dump Trucks. You can find a similar video and tune on Youtube if you like - just search Dump truck songs. Here's a picture of my felt board, plus a shot of one of our patrons trying it out (with a LOT of encouragement from the grownups :)

Thank you, little one!
Here's the song:
Five Big Dump Trucks
5 Five big dump trucks rolling down the road
5 Five big dump trucks rolling down the road
One pulls off now to unload, that leaves
Four big dump trucks rolling down the road!
4 Four big dump trucks rolling down the road
4 Four big dump trucks rolling down the road
One pulls off now to unload, that leaves
Three big dump trucks rolling down the road!
3 Three big dump trucks rolling down the road
3 Three big dump trucks rolling down the road
One pulls off now to unload, that leaves
Two big dump trucks rolling down the road!
2 Two big dump trucks rolling down the road
2 Two big dump trucks rolling down the road
One pulls off now to unload, that leaves
One big dump truck rolling down the road!
1 One big dump truck rolling down the road
1 One big dump truck rolling down the road
One pulls off now to unload, that leaves
NO big dump trucks rolling down the road!

Please feel free to point out words with colors and bold fonts to help your toddler with color recognition and word recognition!

I had so much fun today, I hope you and your toddlers did too!
Keep on truckin'!
Miss Kelly

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Family Storytime: More Food!

I love food! Do you love food? I hope you may love it just a little more after Family Storytime today :) Here's what we read:

Old Mother Hubbard retold by Jane Cabrera
Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika Denise; Ills. by Christopher Denise
Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; Ills. by Jen Corace

Jane Cabrera is one of my favorite authors for retelling old favorites like Old Mother Hubbard. Her bright, juicy illustrations are full of eye-catching humor. I personally LOVE potatoes, so Pigs Love Potatoes was a good pick for today! Plus, then the One Potato, Two Potato felt board follows along so nicely :) I adore the Rosenthal/Corace duo with Little Pea. Check out their other books sometime, Little Hoot and Little Oink. She's a very prolific author and her collaboration with Scott Magoon on Spoon and Chopsticks just tickle my funny bone every time I read them as well. All great books to share with your little ones! 

We took a vote and LOTS of kids loved potatoes today! Here's an extended counting rhyme you can say together:
One Potato, Two Potato
One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four!
Five potato, six potato,
Seven potato more!
Eight potato, nine potato,
Ten potato - Done!
Smash potato, mash potato
Yum, yum, yum! 

Here's a cute fingerplay you can do with your child when they are starting to develop finer motor skills (or before they develop those skills & they can just watch in amazement :) 

Five Fat Peas
Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed, (Weave your fingers together, making a double fist)
One grew, two grew, so did all the rest. (Extend fingers one at a time)
They grew and they grew 
and they did not stop...(Keep enlarging your hands with fingertips touching)
They grew and they grew
'Til the pea pod POPPED! (Clap your hands!)
P.S. If these instructions don't make perfect sense, stop in a ask me to demonstrate! We love seeing storytime friends during the week!

There are so many fun food rhymes, check out some of our other posts to find more!

See you next time!
Miss Kelly


Friday, February 19, 2016

Baby Storytime Highlights

We had such a blast this morning.  We started with some be-bopping with this book...

Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler

...and then we clapped and stomped along with this rhyme from Storytime Secrets:

You Can Clap Your Hands

You can clap your hands. 
(clap, clap, clap)
You can clap your hands. 
(clap, clap, clap)
When the day is done and you want some fun,
You can clap your hands. 
(clap, clap, clap)
You can stamp your feet....
You can pat your knees...

Next we read....

Triangles by Yusuke Yonezu

Some little animal puppets came to join us for this song:

All The Little Pigs
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb
All the little pigs say oink, oink, oink,
Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink,
All the ittle pigs say oink, oink, oink,
Oink, oink all day long.

This week's baby sign was "more".  Such a helpful sign to learn with your baby!

Last we read....

The Babies on the Bus by Karen Katz

Early Literacy Tip:

You don’t need to read each word in a book! Tailor the story to what will engage your baby. Follow baby’s lead and have fun!

And each week, we sing this goodbye song:

We Wave Goodbye
Tune: Farmer in the Dell

We wave goodbye like this.
We wave goodbye like this.
We clap our hands for all our friends.
We wave goodbye like this. 

I'm so looking forward to seeing you all next week.  Each week, I'll be putting just some of the rhymes and songs from our baby storytime.  If you'd ever like a full listing of all of them, let me know!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Toddler Storytime: Food!

Yum! Let's eat! We read some delicious books today!
Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack by Lyn Rossiter McFarland; Ills. by Jim McFarland
Lunch by Denise Fleming
Who's Hungry? by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scarschmidt

I just love Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack. If you missed storytime (or your little one was a little too busy to catch this one today :) it happens! - check it out sometime. This oldy-but-goody is so adorable. Mouse does indeed go out to get a snack, but what he finds is a pre-party smorgasbord, and the family cat. How he handles the situation is quite cute! Tippy-toe around the room with your toddler as you read this one, and watch out for the kitty! You'll even get some counting practice in there.

I used Denise Fleming's book, Lunch for our feltboard. I just find food so inspiring! Fleming's great collage illustrations are inspirational, too! And finally, Who's Hungry? I can't resist Sherry Scharschmidt's adorable illustrations and Dean Hacohen's up to the minute language. So cute! And fun for toddlers - just what is hiding behind that flap?

Today we sang I song that I wrote that was inspired by another oldy-but-goody, Metamora's  Little Potato. Check it out at our new Listening Station in the Youth Services Department!! I think it's one of the sweetest songs ever. Here's my song - it's fun for make-believe play:

I'm a Little Tomato
I'm a little tomato, (make a big circle in front of yourself with your arms and bounce around as you sing or chant this!)
I'm a little tomato,
Red and round, I'll bounce around~
I'm a little tomato!
I'm a little string bean, (Arms up in the air and close together. Stretch up high!)
I'm a little string bean,
Long and lean, I'm really green!
I'm a little string bean!
I'm a little potato, (Curl into a "lumpy" ball!)
I'm a little potato,
Brown and lumpy, all-over-bumpy,
I'm a little potato!
I'm a little onion, (Circle your arms over your head and make a point with your hands at the top!)
I'm a little onion,
I'll make you cry, don't ask me why~
I'm a little onion!

Thanks for the inspiration, Metamora!

Another favorite song of mine - and I think this one came from Adelle, one of our wonderful Youth Services librarians - is Sittin' in a High Chair. You can clap your hands and pat your lap to highlight the rhythm on this one:

Sittin' In a High Chair
(Sing to the tune of Mama's Little Baby Loves Short'nin' Bread)
* = Chorus
Sittin' in a high chair - big chair - my chair,
Sittin' in a high chair - bang my spoon!
Sittin' in a high chair - big chair - my chair,
Sittin' in a high chair - feed me soon!
Bring on a plate, bring on a cup,
Papa gonna fill this baby up!
Bring on bananas, bring on the bread,
Mama gonna get this baby fed!

Bring on the carrots, bring on the peas,
Mama come serve this baby please!
Bring on the pancakes, stacked in a pile,
Papa gonna make this baby smile!
Bring on a napkin, bring on a sponge,
Clean me up 'cause I'm all done

And last, but not least, we made Salad Plates at the "Salad Bar" today! Emma's turned out great! So yummy-looking - nice job, Emma! We'll do this one again at Family Storytime on Saturday.
That's all for today - stay dry, everybody!
 And thanks so much for coming in on such a wretched-weather morning!
See you next time!
Miss Kelly

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Family Storytime: LOVE

Of course I had to choose LOVE for the theme today since it's the day before Valentine's Day :) There are so many wonderful books about love, it was hard to pick just 3! But here's what we ended up with:

Love Monster by Rachel Bright
Your Hand in My Hand by Mark Sperring; Ills. by Britta Teckentrup
The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson; Ills. by Marcellus Hall

First of all, thank you to the brave souls who came out today, because the temperature was hovering around zero!  We had a small (but hardy!) group, and we had some juice and cookies to fortify us while we made Froggy Valentines after the program :)
Since our young patrons were all really quite young today, I left off the math-oriented felt board, but I'll add it here, because it's another fun example of a way to share math with your children without them really knowing it :) For this felt board (and you don't need a felt board to do this - just some heart shapes and play money) I start with five valentines and five dollars in play money. As I "buy" or take away the valentines, I leave the play money in each one's place. At home you can count the hearts and money as you go along - you will be teaching them basic addition and subtraction!

Down Around the Corner: Valentines

Down around the corner at the dollar store,
There were five pretty valentines, and not one more!
Along came someone with a dollar to pay,
They bought a pretty valentine and took it away!(pick up the valentine and leave a dollar in it's place)

Down around the corner at the dollar store,
There were four little valentines, and not one more...
[Continue: three, two, one...]

Keep going until all the valentines are sold and only the five "dollars" take their place. I've used this concept with squirrels and acorns ("Down around the corner by the big oak tree, there were five little acorns looking so yummy..."), jars of jelly at the Farmer's Market, puppies, kittens... the possibilities are endless! Many thanks to Mel of Mel's Desk for getting the "Down Around the Corner" concept out there. I hope you share my iterations, and use them, too! Many more can be found elsewhere on this Wild About Reading blog. Just search "down around the corner."

 Here's another Valentine's Day poem about colors and counting. Use the Roy G. Biv (ROYGBV  = Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet) concept with six colorful hearts:
Counting Valentines
How many Valentines do you see?
Name the colors then count with me!
Here's a red one, an orange one, a yellow one, too.
A green one, a purple one, and one that is blue.
How many Valentines do you see?
Start at the beginning and count with me!

A lovely Valentine's Day to you all, and stay warm!!
See you next time,
Miss Kelly


Friday, February 12, 2016

Baby Storytime

It was a chilly, chilly morning! We ended up having a bit of a smaller, more cozy group and had a great time!

First we read...

Bunnies Near and Far by Sarah Jones

...and then we shared this rhyme:

The Rabbit

I saw a little rabbit come
Hop, hop, hop!
I saw his two long ears go
Flop, flop, flop!
I saw his little nose go Twink, twink, twink.
I saw his little eyes go Wink, wink, wink.
I said, "Little Rabbit, Won't you stay?"
Then he looked at me,
And hopped away.

Next we read...

Can You Say It, Too? Hoot! Hoot! by Sebastien Braun

....and some puppets came to join us for the rhyme, "When Ducks Get Up in the Morning".

Last we read...

I’m a Little Teapot! by Annie Kubler

...and we learned our baby sign for the week: Drink

Next we shared a silly little rhyme:

Icka Bicka

Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo
Icka bicka soda cracker, up goes you!
(lift baby)
Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo
Icka bicka soda cracker,
I love you!
(give hugs and kisses)

This rhyme is a great example of our Early Literacy Tip this morning:

Phonological Awareness is the ability to hear the smaller sounds that make up words. Making up rhyming words, even silly nonsense words, is a good way to develop phonological awareness.

We finished up storytime with our egg shakers and our goodbye songs and rhymes. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Toddler Storytime: Silly Animals Marine!

Today's Toddler Storytime theme was Silly Animals Marine! I usually do an ocean theme in the summer when a lot of folks go on vacation and might be visiting the ocean, but I was so inspired by Curious Critters Marine by David FitzSimmons that I had to do the ocean theme this winter! More about that book later...but here are the books we read today:

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins
I Spy Under the Sea by Edward Gibbs
Who Can Swim? by Sebastien Braun

All great books for discovering the beauty and diversity of ocean animals! Lucy Cousins' bright and silly illustrations provide entertainment for your toddler, while I Spy Under the Sea and Who Can Swim? bring lots of basic information about ocean critters with peekaboo openings and lift the flaps fun. My favorite book this week, however, was the one I took a poem called "Cushion Sea Star" from to create a fingerplay: Curious Critters Marine.
While this book is way too long and wordy for storytime, it is perfect for your growing toddler as a lap-sit, read-aloud. You might not first think of nonfiction books when picking out books for your toddler, but don't forget nonfiction books can be just great for older toddlers who are curious about the world around them, especially when they are as gorgeous and funny as David FitzSimmon's Curious Critters series. Curious Critters Marine is no exception. I sometimes read nonfiction books with my kids when they were very young and they both became great readers! There's something about seeing real-life animals - they are so beautiful and interesting in their own right - many children thoroughly enjoy sharing these types of books with their caregivers.

While enjoying any book about sea creatures, how about sharing this song?

The Animals in the Ocean
(Sing to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus!)
The whales in the sea go Spout! Spout! Spout! (Use your hand to pretend water is spouting from your back!)
Spout! Spout! Spout!
Spout! Spout! Spout!
The whales in the sea go Spout! Spout! Spout!
All through the day!
The lobsters in the sea go Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! (Pinch your thumb and other fingers together!)
The octopus in the sea goes Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! (You get the idea...!)
The dolphins in the sea go Leap! Leap! Leap!
The child in the sea goes Swim! Swim! Swim!

Here's another, very short but very cute poem shared by Amanda Schiavulli of the Finger Lakes Library System:

I saw you in the ocean (Put your hand above your eyes like you're scanning the water)
I saw you in the sea!
I saw you in the bathtub! (Now cover your eyes with your hands!)
Oops! Pardon me!

So cute!

I just love the ocean! Share some great books about the sea with your toddler next time you have a yearning to see the sea!

See you next time!
Miss Kelly

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Family Storytime: Out in Space

At Family Storytime, I try to have a little something for everyone. With the theme of Out in Space, it's fun to pick a book or two for slightly older children - books that may still be relatively short, but have interesting nonfiction topics, and are illustrated in ways that will encourage kids to read. Thus my first two picks for book sharing: Mousetronaut and A Trip Into Space. Each of these books is short and fun, and both also have information in the back of the book for older kids who want to learn more. Here's the complete line up!

Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly; Ills. by C. F. Payne
A Trip Into Space by Lori Haskins Houran; Ills. by Francisca Marquez
When the Moon Smiled by Petr Horacek

When the Moon Smiled is Petr Horacek's fanciful take on what that moon might be up to, out there in the nighttime sky! I think it lends itself nicely to a felt board story, and it really tied in with our craft today, which was: make a Cow Jumping Over the Moon Toy! This craft was introduced to me many years ago by Annette Birdsall, a wonderful children's literacy advocate in our own library system. Thanks, Annette! We've used it in different iterations many times over the years :)

Here's an excellent example of one of our Cow Jumping Over the Moon toys to share:

 Nice work! I think those cows are kissing :)

I also had a Toddler Table for the littlest ones who haven't yet developed those fine motor skills :)
 As it sometimes goes, not only the toddlers liked this craft!
Here's Yael's Solar System:

AND her Cow Jumping Over the Moon craft! She shared it with me, so it will be on display at the reference desk for a while, too! Thanks, Yael! So beautiful!

Here's a fun rocket song you can find on the internet:

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We're going to the moon!
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We're going very soon!
If you want to take a trip,
Climb aboard my rocketship!
Zoom, zoom, zoom,
We're going to the moon! (Countdown!)
10-- 9-- 8-- 7-- 6-- 5-- 4-- 3-- 2-- 1!
Zoom, zoom, zoom we're going to the moon! (Repeat as often as necessary!)

We also did another poem, sung to the tune of Ring Around the Rosie:

Ring Around the Rocketship

Ring Around the Rocketship~
Try to catch a star!
Stardust, stardust,
Fall where you are!

We had fun letting our imaginations go wild today!
 It's great to have our regular storytimes back!
See you next time!
Miss Kelly

Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby Storytime Highlights

It was wonderful to see all of the babies back at storytime this morning!  My how they've grown! First we read...

Nose To Toes, You Are Yummy! by Tim Harrington

...and we shared the this rhyme from the Verona Storytime page:

"Up, Up, Up"

Up up up in the sky like this
(lift baby in the air, facing you)
Down down down for a great big kiss
(lower baby down again and give a kiss)
Up like this
(lift up)
Down for a kiss 
(lower down)
You’re my special baby!

Then we read...
Hello Animals: What Makes You Special? by Loes Botman
and some animal friend joined us for Puppet Time.

Last we read....

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by Jane Cabrera

For this winter/spring storytime session, each week we'll be learning a baby sign with this song, sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It".  This week we learned the sign for all done.

Baby Sign Song

If you’re feeling all done, go like this…
If you’re feeling all done, go like this…
If you’re feeling all done, If you’re feeling all done
If you’re feeling all done go like this….

Early Literacy  Tip

Since this is the first storytime of this season, we reminded parents about library cards:

Did you know that even newborn babies can get library cards at TCPL? It’s true! Sign your baby up for a library card today!

We also tried out a new goodbye rhyme from Storytime Katie's page.

On My Face

On my face I have a nose,
And way down there I have ten toes.
I have two eyes that I can blink.
I have a head to help me think.
I have a chin, and very near, I have two ears to help me hear.
I have a mouth with which to speak,
And when I walk, I’ll use my feet.
Here are arms to hold up high,
And here’s a hand to wave goodbye.
These are just some of the highlights from this week.  If you'd like to have a copy of all of the songs and rhymes we shared today, let Cassandra know.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you next week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Toddler Storytime: Out in Space!

Yay! Toddler Storytime is back! It was just wonderful to see everybody again and to welcome some newcomers, too! Today's theme was Out in Space and we read some fun books touching on space today:

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
Astro Bunnies by Christine Loomis; Ills. by Ora Eitan
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as told by Jane Cabrera

The moon is often the first object in space your toddler will notice and recognize. The books and songs and fingerplays we do can be conversation starters with your little one about what the moon really is, how it can be a comfort and a nighttime friend - all sorts of fun discussions can happen! Maybe you'd like to share a song or two that you learned today again? We sang an excerpt from Laurie Berkner's Moon, Moon, Moon, on the Victor Vito album using some simple ASL signs. Take out the CD and listen to the rest of the song! I think this makes a wonderful lullaby.

Moon, Moon, Moon
Moon, moon, moon,
Shining bright.
Moon, moon, moon,
My nightlight.
Moon, moon, moon,
I can see~
Moon, moon, moon,
You're taking care of me.

We also did this fun stretch tune:

Bend and Stretch
Bend and stretch
Reach for the stars!
There goes Jupiter -
Here comes Mars!
Bend and stretch
Reach for the sky!
Stand on tippy toes
Oh, so high!

and here's a counting song to share with your toddler:

Five little Stars
5 little stars were out one night (Hold up 5 fingers!)
gold and silver, shiny and bright.
Up came the sun with morning's light (Use arms to make sun-rising motions!)
One little star winked out of sight~
One winked out of sight.
4 little stars...(continue on until all stars are gone, showing how many fingers you need each time! Who said math isn't fun for toddlers? :)
1 little star was out one night
gold and silver, shiny and bright.
Up came the sun with morning's light
That little star winked out of sight~
Hello day! Goodbye night!

(I wrote the song, so if you need to hear the tune again, feel free to come see me at the library - you won't find it on Youtube!)

For an art project, we made our own solar systems! They were all beautiful! Nice work, guys :) I hope you and your toddler learned a little something more about Outer Space today!

And finally, a note about the age guidelines for our storytimes: that's all they are - guidelines - and rough ones at that. We know no two children are exactly alike! Feel free to try out our other regular storytimes - Baby Storytime and Family Storytime - to get what you feel is the best fit for your child and your schedule! Very briefly: Baby Storytime centers more around songs, rhymes and very quick reads, keeping babies and grownups busy, connected, and learning together. Toddler Storytime adds a picture book or two to that and drops a rhyme or two, and it's structure is designed to help young children gradually learn some of the skills you may find useful for entering preschool or other organized social environments. Family Storytime strives to have something fun for most everyone in the young family, with 3 or 4 books, a couple of rhymes and fingerplays, and some more nonfiction books and nonfiction information available.
All are designed with early learning concepts in mind :) 
One of our goals (among many) is to help the very young learn a love for reading that will last a lifetime. It has been shown over and over again that when children have the opportunity to share and read lots of books, they become better learners later in life :)

 Plus, it's big FUN!
You can't beat that :)
See you next time, at any of our storytimes!
Miss Kelly