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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Early literacy book review by Kelly

What a great place the library is! You just never know when you're going to stumble across a complete gem of a book. I was helping a patron find a book about children's songs and came across this one:

American Folk Songs for Children by Ruth Crawford Seeger.
 It was published in 1948. 1948! And still so relevant today.
 Well, the patron didn't want it, but I sure did. I opened to a page with a song titled "Old Mister Rabbit" and a Stories in the Park song was born :) This book could be a bible for storytime programmers like me. It is chock full of American history and cultural heritage, and also, it's a treasure trove of early literacy possibilities.
It is also a great handbook for parenting. "Parenting?" you ask. Well, can't get your kids to bed? Try singing "Such a Getting Upstairs" on page 53, and make up your own variations to tweak your child's interest. Kids don't like to pick up? Try "Pick a Bale of Cotton" on page 148. Don't think you're a singer? Let Ruth Seeger explain why that doesn't necessarily matter! There are so many ways to use songs and rhymes that help families in their daily lives and of course, they are also just plain fun! And don't forget, in early literacy terms, singing and rhymes break down the syllables and sounds within words for children, and that will help them later on, when they are learning how to read.
Hope to see you at our first Stories in the Park on June 9th at Dewitt Park during Tuesday Farmer's Market. I'll teach you Old Mister Rabbit, and share a story I found online to go along with it, and we'll teach our kids a little bit about farming and sharing :)
P.S. If it happens to be raining, threatening to rain, or just really wet, we'll meet in the Thaler/Howell room at the library - and we'll still have fun :)
Hope to see you then - and even sooner!
Miss Kelly