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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kate's Picks

Gravity by Jason Chin
Jason Chin once again takes a complex topic and makes it understandable for children (and, hey, adults too!). BIG clear text and engaging illustrations. Also a good example of how you can sometimes judge a book by it's cover. A winner!

Star Child by Claire A. Nivola
A star wishes to come to earth and wonders what life would be like on our planet. I love this celebration of our strange and beautiful world. Recommended for all ages. You can't go wrong with Claire Nivola.

Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan
A boy recounts the rules he learned from his big brother last summer: some practical, some arbitrary. The illustrations are truly inspired. This is one of the most imaginative books I've seen since
Mr. Wuffles!. I love the bit of darkness to this story, and the healthy dose of skepticism! Who makes these rules anyhow?

The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka
An alien has adventures in space with his backpack sidekick. So goofy. So silly. So absurd. I can see a lot of children liking this graphic novel, including reluctant readers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cassandra's Staff Picks

Here are a few of my few favorite books!
  • In Front of My House by Marianne Dubuc
    This little book has some wonderful, hilarious surprises in its colored pencil drawings. The circular story will keep you turning the pages to find out what’s next! A wonderful way for the littlest children to learn new words and a delightful read for older children too.
  • Bradley McGogg the Very Fine Frog by Tim Beiser
    A very hysterical rhyming book that will have you and your child giggling the whole way through as a frog tries to find an acceptable meal. This book also introduces some wonderful words and has a great gross-out factor.
  • Hide and Seek by Il Sung Na
    A simple story with gorgeous, colorful illustrations. Count along with the animals and find the sneaky hidden chameleon on every page.
  • Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker
    Get ready for bed with this sweet train book full of many childhood favorites beyond trains – animals, diggers, dinosaurs, cars & more. It also introduces the different parts of a train. It’s a truly enjoyable read as is Rinker’s “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site”.