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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dozens of Cousins, by Shutta Crum, illustrated by David Catrow

Milo the Monkey

Ah, summer. What says summer to you? Swimming, barbeques and sunscreen? How about camping, juicy watermelons, and lightning bugs? How about a big family reunion with mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and Dozens of Cousins? Shutta Crum, award-winning author of Thunder-Boomer, and illustrator David Catrow take us to a big, messy and beautiful family reunion, powered by a pack of boisterous, exalted cousins. Come along with this rowdy crew as they climb trees, gobble up corn on the cob, and bask in the boundless love of family. Lyrical, triumphant writing and energetic illustrations make this book hugely satisfying. Now bring it in for a hug!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Owen the Owl
Owen the Owl here - you know how much I like non-fiction books. Well, Frogs by Nic Bishop is one of my new favorites! Nic Bishop is an award winning author of many children's books. Take one look at Frogs and you'll see why! The photographs are amazing and the information interesting and in-depth. If you love nature and animals, especially frogs, (and even if you don't love frogs) (is that possible?) you're going to love this book! Take it from me, Frogs is worth a look. And another look...and another look...! Garump!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ghost of Graylock, by Dan Poblocki, reviewed by Aurora

All Neil Cady wants to do is see Graylock Hall for himself. It is a retired asylum- once filled with kids and adults, waiting to be cured of their mental disorders. Then, something went drastically wrong- several children mysteriously died. The hospital was shut down and left alone to decompoose in the woods. Neil came prepared with his camera, tag-along sister, and a friend or two, what he didn't expect was...... someone to follow him home! This was an awesome book, filled with long, winding hallways of mystery and terror, and a suprising twist at the end. This was such a great book, I was filled with sadness when I finished it!

5/5 Bananas

Reviewed by Aurora, age 10

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My Village, collected by Danielle Wright, reviewed by Sonia

I like how my mom tries to read the poems in different languages. They come from different countries.

4/5 Bananas 

Reviewed by Sonia, age 4

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