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Friday, June 28, 2013

Loving Wordless Picture Books

Harold the Hedgehog

I love wordless picture books. Some of my book buddies ask “What’s to like about a book with no story?” What they don’t realize is a wordless picture book tells countless stories, because we can use our minds to spin whatever tale we want! Wordless picture books also encourage us to slow down and really search the illustrations for meaningful details. It can be a challenge, but I love a good reading challenge!
Here are some of my favorite wordless picture books:

 Give your mind a workout! Try these exercises as you read each book! We found these suggestions at one of our favorite book blogs, My Little Bookcase. Happy Reading!
  • Use the illustrations to create your own story. Talk about what’s happening in each picture.
  • Read the story twice or more and develop a different storyline each time! 
  • At different points in the book, stop and try to predict what will happen next.
  • Write a wordlist for the book. Jot down words to describe the setting or each character’s feelings. Write down verbs to describe what’s happening in the book.

Friday, June 21, 2013

New Books That We Love, Love, LOVE

Max the Meerkat

Happy Summer Solstice book lovers! Here are some new titles that we absolutely LOVE. Celebrate summer with a good book!

water in the parkFirst up is Water in the Park: A Book About Water & the Times of the Day by Emily Jenkins. What better place to be on a hot summer day than the park? Watch as people and animals filter through the park all day long, using water in different ways. A dog splashes into the pond, a baby sips from the water fountain, and children play in sprinklers. (Oh, don’t you just want to go swimming?) Best of all, we’re treated to gorgeous, detailed illustrations. You’ll want to spend a good while with this book to make sure you’ve seen everything.

Speaking of water… here’s a great book about thunderstorms! Boom! by Mary Lyn Ray tells the story of a dog named Rosie. Now, Rosie really is a very brave dog. She’s not afraid of sirens, or baths, or shadows at night… but she is afraid of thunder! Hear the clouds go BOOM! and see Rosie scatter. With a little help and much needed distraction from the boy she knows best, she rides out the storm and feels a lot better in the end. Everything is easier when you’ve got a friend!

Last we have No Fits, Nilson! by Zachariah O’Hora. These summer days can be busy, can’t they? Nilson and Amelia are busy too. They’re busy building with blocks, playing ukulele, helping mom at the grocery store and at the post office. Everything is great! Except when it isn’t. Sometimes the smallest bump in the road causes Nilson to throw the biggest FIT. Amelia can usually calm him down with pancakes or his favorite froggie coin purse. So when Amelia throws a tantrum of her own, Nilson is right there to help. Cheer up with this sweet, funny, quirky book!

For more reading fun, come down to the library for our Summer Reading Program, starting June 28th!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crankee Doodle by Tom Angleberger, pictures by Cece Bell

Pippi the Parrot

Yankee Doodle went to town, a-riding on a pony; stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni!
We all know this traditional tune, don’t we? I catch myself whistling it all the time! But what do the words really mean? Crankee Doodle, written by Tom Angleberger (author of the best-selling Origami Yoda books) and illustrated by Cece Bell, finds Yankee Doodle at odds with the song that made him famous. Maybe he doesn’t want to go to town! Why would he stick a feather in his hat? What does macaroni have to do with it? Mr. Doodle rants and raves until his trusty pony finally talks some sense into him.
Not only is this book very funny, but it made me think about all the other songs, rhymes and aphorisms I stored in the ol’ noggin without fully understanding. What is the history of the Pledge of Allegiance? Where does the rhyme London Bridge is Falling Down come from? What about a phrase like “curiosity killed the cat”? 
Crankee Doodle will make you laugh and make you think!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Next Stop, Grand Central by Maira Kalman

Max the Meerkat

All aboard! Next Stop, Grand Central by the beloved Maira Kalman has arrived at the library just in time for Grand Central Station’s 100th anniversary! Each day this New York City landmark welcomes over 70,000 people. Dozens of colorful characters bustle through this book just like in the station itself, each with a story to tell. You wish you could stop and chat with everyone; alas each chance meeting is but a fleeting moment! The pages can barely contain this eclectic group. The book has an irresistible energy, and a certain tenderness, as each traveler rushes off to a loved one they’ve been missing, or to the comfort of a warm dinner, or to a place they love, like the botanical gardens or the zoo. In the end, these myriad creatures don’t feel like strangers at all, for we’ve come to know a small piece of their story. I love that Next Stop, Grand Central was able to take a wondrous, often chaotic place and make it sweet and relatable. What a lovely and exciting story!