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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being Frank written by Donna W. Earnhardt, illustrated by Andrea Castellani

Pippi the Parrot

Meet Frank. Frank knows that honesty is the best policy. But sometimes Frank is a little too frank. Being Frank is a hilarious book all about balancing honesty with social grace. Our friend Frank, being a truthful young man, doesn’t hesitate to let his principal know that his toupee looks like a pet weasel, or to inform his mother that her face has a few wrinkles. Strangely, Frank’s family and friends do not always appreciate his candor! Luckily Grandpa Ernest is there to give Frank a much needed lesson about tact. Lying is wrong. But the truth doesn’t have to hurt! With Grandpa Ernest’s help, Frank learns how to express himself in a positive way. For instance, maybe Mrs. Peacock’s hat isn’t weird, maybe it’s one-of-a-kind! 

Being Frank is laugh-out-loud funny and reminds us that a little consideration goes a long way.