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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Classic Children’s Books by Ann and Paul Rand

Milo the Monkey

For a word-lover like me, December at the library has been rife with gifts! First the lyrical Nightsong found its way into my paws, and now two republished classics from Ann & Paul Rand! I’m the happiest monkey in the reading jungle! 

First up is Sparkle and Spin, a book about the power of words big and small. What are words? What can words do? How do words feel? This clever, colorful book explores what we can express with words, and what they mean to us. I loved this book because it made me reconsider the everyday words I take for granted! From the simple yet authoritative yes and no, to the dramatic bang! and boo!, and who could forget hair and hare, pair and pear, or there, their, they’re? Read this book and discover the wonder, magic and downright clout of words.

Next we have I Know a Lot of Things, a well-loved tome that will give your mind a workout. This book is all about possibilities. How many things are there to know about your home, your world, your universe? What sound does a cat make? What are houses made of? What does the sun look like? This book inspires the reader to think about what he or she already knows, and how much new knowledge is waiting to be discovered! After reading this book, I can’t wait to add to the list of things I know. Luckily, the library is the perfect place to start searching for new gems of knowledge!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nightsong by Ari Berk, illustrated by Loren Long

Milo the Monkey

Going off on your own for the first time can be scary. Your first day of school, your first sleepover… it’s not always easy to leave what’s familiar behind. Nightsong is the story of Chiro, a young bat making his first solo flight in the dark of night. At first Chiro is worried: how will he see in the dark? His mother assures him he can use his good sense. “Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you,” she tells Chiro. We know bats use echolocation to navigate through the deep, black night, and that’s just what Chiro does. As he sings, the darkness seems to lift and the magnificent night world comes into view. Gaining confidence, Chiro happily explores land and sea all on his lonesome before flying back to the safety of home and his mother’s wings. 

Here are some library books about echolocation and senses:

Here are some non-fiction books about bats: 

Little Red Bat by Carole Gerber 

Here are some more picture books featuring bats:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Favorite Books for Children of 2012

All year long, we’ve been hanging from trees, relaxing in the tall grass, perched atop the tallest trees, always with a book in hand!  Now the time has come to reveal our favorite books fo the year! Click on the links below to read all about them!
We'd love to hear your favorites, too!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Zephyr Takes Flight by Steve Light

Gregor the Giraffe

Zephyr Takes Flight, one of my new favorites at the library, reminds us that sometimes the biggest adventures begin in our imaginations. Zephyr loves airplanes and dreams of flying her own. For now, she spends her days building paper planes and imagining stunts, like the triple loop-de-loop spectacular! When her flight practice goes awry, Zephyr is sent to a time-out in her room (we’ve all been there). Behind her dresser she discovers a secret door… What adventure-lover could resist a secret door? Read this book to find out what Zephyr discovers. I’ll give you a sneak peak: the greenest trees, the tallest mountains and even flying pigs!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchio

Harold the Hedgehog
By now you know I love art books, but I don’t just admire art: I love to create as well! That’s why Crafty Chloe first piqued my interest. Chloe is on a quest to make the perfect birthday gift for her best friend. She knows it’s going to be very purple, but not much else! Will the resourceful Chloe be able to fashion a gift that befits her very dear friend? This charming book really inspired me to get creative. I'm thinking of knitting some new winter hats for my book buddies!

Don't forget to visit to learn how to make the crafts featured in the book!