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Friday, July 27, 2012

Double Trouble, by Michael J Pellowski

 Double Trouble, by Michael J Pellowski Two twins cause a lot of mischief and end up doing a lot of crazy things.
5 Bananas
 Nina, 7 & 3/4

Nina gives Clementine 4 Bananas!

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker Clementine is a somewhat weird third grader who never really pays attention in school. She has a friend who is a grade older than her and together they have zany adventures and fun. The book was pretty funny.
4 Bananas

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


You know how I love to read about far away places and interesting animals! Take a look at Pouch! by David Ezra Stein. It features a baby kangaroo called - you guessed it - Joey. He is just now ready to check out the world outside his mom's pouch. In his case, that world is in Australia because that's where kangaroos are from! Joey is a little uncertain of the things he will find in his little corner of the world, but his mom is always nearby if he needs the cozy safety of her pouch.
 A big adventure for a little 'roo, who just might make a new friend on the way!
Classic David Ezra Stein illustrations!

Curious Critters

Max the Meerkat
Max the Meerkat here! If you love animals like I do, you're going to fall in love with this new book, Curious Critters, by David FitzSimmons! If you're a photography buff, the pictures are absolutely amazing - clear and detailed. The animals look as if they could jump right off the page! If you like clever dialogue, Curious Critters has it! Each critter has something to say, and they say it just right! You'll laugh and learn all at the same time. Check it out - I know you won't be disappointed! It's my new favorite!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Reading Reviews!

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Oden give Star Wars 5 bananas

Star Wars: Clone Wards Adventures, edited, Jeremy Barlow This is my favorite book.  In the story, someone hugs another person and they steal the light saber. 
You should read this book because it is my favorite book.
5 Bananas
Oden, age 4.75Click here to see if this book is in so you can read it too

Huckleberry loves Soccer Hour

Soccer Hour, by  Carol Nevius In this book, a bunch of kids come together to practice soccer.
They are big kids, not my age. Their coaches teach them rainbow kicks, and regular kick, juggling, dribbling, and passing and shooting goals. My favorite picture is the picture of the goalie jumping sideways. He's doing a dive. The goalie gets it, then he kicks it to his teammate, who crosses it to another teammate. He heads it. GOAL!!!! I have the whole book memorized, but some of the words I don't know.
The pictures in the book are great! They look very real. This is my favorite book.
5 Bananas
Huckleberry, age 3
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5 Bananas given to Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham
Dr. Suess
Sam I Am comes and wants his friend to try green eggs and ham. And the friend doesn't want to eat them anywhere or with anything. He finally tried them in the water and liked them! I thought the book was good! And we had green eggs and ham for dinner.
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A Three year old's favorite summer book!

Summer, by Alice Low.
Kat Kat's favorite book before bedtime is Summer by Alice Low. She loves how many different things the boy and the girl do during the summer, like chasing after fireflies, and going on a swing, and riding on hay.
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5 Bananas

5 Bananas Given to Gregor the Overlander!

 Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins
Gregor the Overlander is about a boy named Gregor.
This story takes place in the middle of summer in New York City. Gregor's little sister, Boots suddenly disappears in the laundry room, and she is taken to the Underland. Gregor follows her, in an attempt to rescue his little sister. Boots, and Gregor are swept into a land with bigger than human size rats, and giant cockroaches who thinks Boots is there princess. Gregor is suppose to save this "Underland" from rats (so told in the prophecy), but he does not believe he can.
I thought this book was very well written, and it really captures the readers attention with all the suspense and action. It is a nail biting thriller, and i was not able to put the book down.
5 Bananas
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