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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kate's Picks

Where's Mommy by Beverly Donofrio

A little girl and her mouse friend go looking for their mommies. I love the very detailed domestic scenes. I wish I could live inside this house. A very sweet story told from the comfort of home.

Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrel

It's nice to have a friend, isn't it? Especially one like Octopus. Octopus helps you prepare a bath... of egg salad! Octopus reads you a bedtime story... in robot language! Octopus takes all the monsters out from under your bed... and puts them in your closet! Oh, Octopus! This is a perfectly hilarious bedtime story, I love it.

On My Way to School by Sarah Maizes

An imaginative young girl gets ready for school. Instead of a little girl brushing her teeth, she is an elephant at a watering hole. Instead of carrying her backpack, she's a Sherpa climbing Mount Everest. A great book for anyone who needs a little help getting going in the morning! Every task should be this fun.

Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein

A cat named Wabi Sabi learns the meaning of her name by asking different animals. A beautiful (but simple!) book told in part through haiku. I always remind adults that there is still a lot to be learned from picture books. This is a good example to illustrate that point.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Tiny Turtle, by Nicola Davies

Summary: The circle of the life of a turle.

Recommendation: Cool, nice, cute.

Fun Fact: When sea turtles grow up there heads are as hard as a helmet.

I give this book 6 bananas.

I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906, by Lauren Tarshis

Characters:  Leo, Wilkie, Fletch, Papa, and Grandpop.

Problem: Fletch and Wilkie stole Leo's gold! Leo goes to get it back, but than the earthquake starts!

Solution: Become friends with Wilkie and get out of town!

Fun Fact: The characters aren't real but the earthquake was!

Recommendation: This series is great! You should read all the books!

Rating: 6 bananas --I loved it!