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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

An important note to storytime blog readers!

Hi, everybody!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Family Storytime: Opposites!

I just love opposites! We have so many books about opposites it's always hard to pick just a few for storytime! But I got some good feedback from a young patron: I LIKE that book! (Il Sung Na's The Opposites Zoo :) Me, too! What else did we read today? Let's take a look:
Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson; Ills. by Jane Chapman
The Opposite Zoo by Il Sung Na
Animal Opposites: a Pop-up Book by Petr Horacek 

The Karma Wilson/Jane Chapman duo is at it again with Big Bear, Small Mouse, another in the Bear series featuring thoroughly adorable woodland characters having lots of fun together, and also dealing with every day issues and topics. Today's topic was opposites, but Bear also deals with fear, illness, thankfulness, manners...!  And counting, opposites, and colors are among the topics he tackles :) If you liked Big Bear, Small Mouse, check out some of the others in the series.

I told our patrons today that this was the first time I've used an Il Sung Na book in storytime. This is only because the beautiful illustrations are somewhat muted, making it hard for some folks to see in a busy storytime. But I'm glad I pulled The Opposite Zoo out today, because, as I mentioned, it got a thumbs-up from an appreciative 4 year old :) Take a look at more of Na's books, they are really lovely!

Animal Opposites is another great pop-up/lift the flap book, easy and fun. It's nice to wrap up a storytime with that kind of interactive, fun to look at book :)

So how did we celebrate opposites with song and rhyme? First with Hello/Goodbye! Try it if you need a little exercise!
Time to Say Hello & Goodbye!
Hello, hello,
It’s time to say hello!
So stand right up and say hello
Hellohello, hello!
Goodbye, goodbye,
It’s time to say goodbye!
So sit right down and say goodbye
Goodbyegoodbye, goodbye!
(repeat! As many times as necessary!)

And we can't forget The Opposites Song!
Opposites Song
The opposite of up is down.
The opposite of high is low!
The opposite of in is out,
The opposite of fast is slow…..

The opposite of on is off.
The opposite of day is night!
The opposite of stop is go!
The opposite of left is right.

You'll have to call or something if you need the melody! I can't find it online, although I'm sure that's where I got it from. (I have been known to hum a tune over the phone ; ) 

That's all for now, but before I go, an important note: Next week we should be unveiling the new TCPL website. Within it, there will be a new blog platform, and I'm not positive as to how it will work yet, but I won't be posting on Blogger anymore. Look for the platform on the new website and call us with any questions you might have about this! We are supposed to have a few month's worth of Wild About Reading posts available, but again, the details are not in yet, so keep an eye out, and don't hesitate to call us!

See you next time, (in some other venue!!)
Miss Kelly
Check out this wonderful book list!!
Big and Small, Room for All by Jo Ellen Bogart
            Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow
Paddington’s Opposites by Michael Bond
            Big Is Big (and Little, Little) by J. Patrick Lewis
            Cat and Fish by Joan Grant; Ills. by Neil Curtis
            A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann
            A High, Low, Near, Far, Loud, Quiet Story by Nina Crews
            A Family of Poems  Selected by Caroline Kennedy (J808.81 Family)
            Black? White! Day? Night!: A Book of Opposites by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
            Hello, Good-bye by Arlene Alda
A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker; Ills. by Kady MacDonald Denton
Chuck Murphy’s Black Cat White Cat a Pop-Up Book of Opposites
You and Me: We’re Opposites by Harriet Ziefert; Ills. by Ethan Long
            Winnie the Pooh’s Opposites by A. A. Milne; decorations by Ernest H. Shepard
            To & Fro, Fast & Slow by Durga Bernhard
            How Big is a Pig? by Clare Beaton
            Exactly the Opposite by Tana Hoban
            Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks
            Opposites by Xavier Deneux
            Animal Opposites: A Pop-up Book by Petr Horacek (office ref)
            Big Bug by Henry Cole
            Tall and Short: A Peak-Through Book of Opposites by Jonathan Litton
            Up & Down: A Lift the Flap Book by Britta Teckentrup
            Opposnakes by Salina Yoon
Big Bear, Small Mouse by Karma Wilson; Ills. by Jane Chapman
            Marta Big and Small by Jen Arena; Ills. by Angela Dominguez
            Maisy Big, Maisy Small by Lucy Cousins
Octopus Opposites by Stellas Blackstone & Stephanie Bauer
Quinito, Day and Night by Ina Cumpiano; Ills. by Jose Ramirez
            Art Museum Opposites by Katy Friedland  J 700 Friedland
Hard and Soft & Fast and Slow Easy readers by Sharon Gordon  J 428.6 Gordon
Earth, Sky, Wet, Dry by Durga Bernhard  J 578 Bernhard