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Friday, December 2, 2016

Baby Storytime

Today was the last baby storytime for this session already!  Time has flown by so quickly!

We started by reading....

Look at Me! Baby’s First Book of Faces by Flora Chang  

...and then we shared one of my favorite little fingerplays called "Where Are Baby’s Fingers?" from Storytime Secrets along with this little song:

Put Your Finger in the Air

Put your finger in the air, in the air.
Put your finger in the air, in the air.
Put your finger in the air and wave it while it’s there.
Put your finger in the air, in the air.

… on your nose (and wiggle all your toes)
… on your wrist (now give your wrist a twist)
… on your knee (now all let’s count to 3, 1-2-3)
… on your lips (now wiggle both your hips)

Next we read....

Who’s Hiding? In the Wild by Kaitlyn DiPerna

...and some puppet friends came to join us for this song:

Where Is Brown Bear?

Where is brown bear? Where is brown bear?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today, bear?
Very well, I thank you.
Let's go play.

For today's baby sign song, we learned the sign for the word "please" and then read this delightful book:

Tap! Tap! Guess the Toy! by Cocoretto

....we then shared another of my favorite fingerplays called "Baby in the Cradle" along with this one:

Here is a Ball for Baby

Here is ball for baby
Big and soft and round.
Here is baby’s hammer, oh how he can pound.
Here is baby’s music, clapping, clapping so
Here are baby’s soldiers standing in a row
Here is baby’s trumpet toot too-too, too, too-too.
Here is the way that baby plays at peek-a-boo.
Here’s a big umbrella, keeps baby dry.
Here is baby’s cradle, rock a baby bye.

Early Literacy Tip

“Parentese” is the best way for babies to hear and learn language!
  • Put your face close to baby’s
  • Speak in an melodious tone
  • Articulate clearly
  • Use repetition
  • Use exaggerated facial expressions
  • Lengthen vowels (“Sooooo cuuute!”)
  • Use shorter sentences
  • Use longer pauses
We finished with scarves and goodbye songs.  I hope you all have wonderful holidays and hope to see you when Baby Storytime returns on Friday, January 6th. The library will be closed next Friday, December 9th for Staff Development Day but our Baby and Toddler Playtime will meet again on Friday, December 16th at 11:00.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Toddler & Preschool Storytime: Last of Session - Ready for Winter!

Are you ready for winter?? Cuz it's coming! Today we watched and listened as our animal friends got ready for winter with 3 books, 3 puppet shows, and 3 songs! It's always a treat to watch young faces light up when our puppets come alive in our mobile theater. Special thanks to Kai Zhang, Volunteer Extraordinaire, and Kate Devoe, Librarian Supreme for helping out with the puppets. We couldn't do it without you!

"Thanks, Kate and Kai!!" With Love,
Owl, Chipmunk, Frog, Skunk and Bear Cub (They were the only ones still awake after everyone was gone ; )

So what did we read?
Shh! Bears Sleeping by David Martin; Ills. by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Walking in a Winter Wonderland based on the song by Felix Bernard & Richard B. Smith; Ills. by Tim Hopgood
Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple; Ills. by  Brooke Dyer
Shhhhhh! I did try to get all the little ones quiet for Shh! Bears Sleeping, but it didn't quite work ; ) If it was a little too noisy in the room for your child to hear this book today, please come to the library and check it out sometime! This is just a beautiful book that would probably be well received for storytime at home, when it can be easier to sit still and read. (*Not always, of course ; ) The illustrations are soft and lovely, and the prose "lilting" as we follow some animal friends through the seasons. For the older youngsters there is a two page spread at the back of the book with facts about American black bears. What a lovely way to introduce your child to nature!

*Some of us have little ones that aren't ready to sit still and read/listen to a book at this stage in their lives, and that's OK! Don't worry too much if that is your child. You can exemplify good reading habits by sitting quietly and reading in front of your busy little one as often as possible. Keep a pile of board books handy to be ready to share if they become curious. Let them hold the books, even if they don't want to read them right now. Seeing a book as something they can personally hold gives them a certain feeling of ownership which can be appealing to your little run-around. And with board books, you don't have to worry if they lose interest and toss the books aside. Keep showing your interest in books, (without being pushy,) and eventually, most children come around!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland is a brand-new-to-us-book with fun, bright, sort of retro illustrations, that I immediately fell in love with! This book makes it hard to hate winter ; ) I asked my program goers to sing it with me, (I put the lyrics up on our TV screen,) and they sounded just wonderful!

We also saw some snowmen on the stage today, who danced and played to this poem:

Five Little Snowmen

**Five little snowmen all in a row,
Dancing, dancing, watch them go!
One danced too close to the barnyard door.
He danced inside, so then there were four…

 **Four little snowmen were playing hard,
Jumping, jumping in the yard.
One jumped and hit the limb of a tree.
He fell down, so then there were three….

 **Three little snowmen skipped through the snow,
Skipping, skipping to and fro.
Not turning as he was supposed to do,
One skipped away, so then there were two….

 **Two little snowmen began to spin around,
Spinning, spinning across the snowy ground!
One spun so fast because it was fun,
He spun away completely, so then there was one…

 **One little snowman stood all alone,
Standing, standing as the warm sun shone.
He stood so long in the noonday sun,
That he melted away and then there was none.

But don’t be sad ‘cause I’m telling you
That’s what all little snowmen do.
Here are the snowmen puppets now
To say goodbye, and take a bow!

And I love using this poem at the turning of the seasons, fitting it to whatever we have to look forward to:

In December
(Sing to the tune of Frere Jacque)

In December, (repeat each line)
What do I spy?
I spy bare branches
Reaching high. (Reach your arms up high!)

In December,
What do I spy?
I spy some snowflakes
In the sky! (Let your fingers wiggle softly in the air making the 'snow' fall!)

In December,
What do I spy?
I spy a cardinal
Flying high (Fly your hands up high!)

In December,
What do I spy?
Something sweet and spicy –
Pumpkin pie! (Rub your tummy!)

Can you think of any other things to look forward to in December?

Last, but not least we did a puppet theater version of Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep. I adore this lovely book by Jane Yolen. It is perfect for this time of year as a bedtime book and a nature book. And it makes the simplest, sweetest puppet theater! This is another book I am making a tradition of using as a performance story for our kids. With the reading of each page, our puppeteers brought out a little animal puppet and covered it with a tiny quilt as they fell asleep for their winter naps. A simple, white felt carpet of snow, and some animal puppets is all it takes to recreate this gentlest of stories, sharing the hibernation habits of many little critters your child will probably be familiar with. What a beautiful book!

Well, if I don't see you this Saturday for our Last of Session Family Storytime, please keep in touch with your library - we'll still be here :) AND we'll be starting our Winter Reading Program on December 10th, so come on in, sign your 0 to 5th grade child up and keep the reading and early literacy flowing! (Yup, that's right, we even have a Winter Reading Program for the baby in the belly!) We will also have open playtime for babies and toddlers on Fridays from 11:00 - 12:00 - our unstructured playtime - in the Thaler Howell room.

No matter what brings you to the library, be sure and say hello to us at the desk!
See you around!
Miss Kelly

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Family Storytime: Breathe!

Take a deep breath in - then let it out slooooowly. Ahhh! Feel better? It always works for me! With the holiday season upon us, and a divisive election behind us, this is the perfect time to look into books about peacefulness, breathing, stretching, and moving......Here are the books we read today:
Stretch by Doreen Cronin
Mouse's First Snow by Lauren Thompson; Ills. by Buket Erdogan
You Are a Lion! by Taeeun Yoo
Breathe by Scott Magoon
So many great calming books for kids (and for grownups! The adults had fun at storytime, too, I was very proud of them, stretching and breathing with us!) And we have a great booklist for more books like these, too. Pick one up by the desk or look here. Yoga , and simply using mindful breathing can be an easy way to calm you OR your child down : )
Doreen Cronin has Stretch and Wiggle - both fun books about moving! Mouse's First Snow was the book I used for our felt board - I had a very relaxing time creating cute little felt pieces for the mouse family's winter accoutrements! But also, it's very a very affirming book for little ones as little Mouse tries to do what Poppa Mouse does, and is always rewarded with praise for her efforts. There are more in the Mouse's First series - check them out!
I've used You Are a Lion several times now, and I always get a great response! Even if you don't know the first thing about yoga, this book is readable and doable :)
Breathe....Just reading the title of this book is relaxing! But the book is far from boring - little whale swims, dives deep, explores, and makes new friends. He has a big, beautiful underwater world to share and every now and then, he just stops to breathe - and we all can do that with him. It's a fun way to present the book, and again, today, the grownups really did good ; )
Let's stretch with some animals!
  Animals, Animals

Here is the ostrich, straight and tall (Stretch your arms up over your head, clasp hands and 'nod' them!)
Nodding its’ head above us all.
Here is the hedgehog, prickly and small, (Roll yourself into a tiny ball!)
Rolling itself into a ball.
Here is the spider, scuttling around (Scuttle your fingers across the floor!)
Treading so lightly on the ground.
Here are the birds that fly so high - (Flap your wings!)
Spreading their wings across the sky.
Here are the children, fast asleep (Head on hands, eyes closed.)
And here in the night the owls do peep. (Make rings with your fingers and hold them over your eyes!)

Can you be an elephant?? 
The Elephant!

The Elephant goes
Like this and that,
She’s wonderfully big!
She’s wonderfully fat!
She has no fingers,
She has no toes…
But goodness gracious,
What a nose!

There's something about mimicking animals that gets your body moving!
 We also got out our scarves today and moved to a couple of songs - try this at home!!

Well, keep deep breathing folks, and be sure to come to our last of session storytime if your schedule allows! We'll have a winter/hibernation theme with lots of books, puppets, snacks and crafts.
See you next time!
Miss Kelly