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Friday, February 27, 2015

Cassandra's Music Picks

We’re All Young Together
by Walter Martin
This is one of those  CDs that parents will likely love just as much (or even more ) than their kids!  Walter Martin (a member of the  indie band The Walkmen) has a wonderful sense of humor that really shines through the songs on this CD.  Some of the songs have a quieter, low key mood while others are great for dancing around the room.  You’ll find a sweet, simple love song, a song that celebrates and agonizes what it means to have a sibling, and more.  This is my favorite CD of the year so far!
A Little Love
by Renee & Jeremy
This CD is made up of covers from other musicians such as  REM, Monkees, Queen and Red Hot Chili Peppers which will make them recognizable to parents but they’re redone in a sweet and simple way with calming, lovely harmonies that will appeal to children.  A great way to please both parents and children and somehow they pull this off without being cloying.  It’s a delightful little album.
You Are My Sunshine
by Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell’ CDs are always a treat to listen to but this CD especially has some winners.  It tickles funnybones with a sweet versions of “Ladybug Picnic” and “Car Car”, reminds parents of our own childhoods with “3 Is the Magic Number” and includes a version of the song “Here Comes My Baby” that adults will love to sing along with. This collection of songs ranges from melancholy to pure joy that the whole family can enjoy.
I’m Me
by Charlie Hope
This is one of those children’s CDs that is easy to listen to again & again.  Charlie Hope’s sweet voice with upbeat songs that never sound cloying will entertain the whole family.   Some of the songs will be familiar, like “Mister Sun”, while others might become new favorites, like “Train Song”, a musically very interesting song.  Utterly delightful  and highly recommended. We’re looking forward to trying her other albums in my house.
This collection of songs, rhymes, stories and games is a lovely CD for the car or for home.  The repetitive nature and call and response style of many of the songs will quickly invite listeners of all ages to join along.  Several of the tracks may be familiar (like Hickory Dickory Dock & Sailor Went to Sea) while others not.  The simple songs are sung along with kazoos, mandolin, guitar and more with topics such as first and last names, counting,  the jobs people have, greetings and more.  Great for toddlers & up.

Toddler Storytime: Space

Tuesday's Toddler Storytime theme was Space! We read...

Countdown with Milo, by Mike Austin
Space Walk, by Salina Yoon
Robot Book, by Heather Brown

There are so many fun songs and rhymes to share with your toddler based on this theme. One of my favorites is this very simple song based on "Ring Around the Rosy":

Ring Around the Rocket Ship

Ring around the rocket ship (Make a big circle with your arms)
Try to grab a star! (Reach high and grab those stars!)
Star dust, star dust, (Wiggle fingers like sprinkling glitter)
Fall where you are! (All fall down)

Here's our felt board for the day:

You can sing this to the tune of 5 Little Ducks, or make up a tune like I did:

5 Little Stars

5 little stars went out one night,
Gold and silver, shiny and bright!
Out came the sun with morning's light,
One little star winked out of sight,
One winked out of sight!

[Continue: 4, 3, 2, 1]

To infinity and beyond! Go, toddlers, go!

Family Storytime: Shapes

We had more fun with our "Shapes" theme on Saturday at Family Storytime! We read...

Round is a Tortilla, by Roseanne Thong
Bear in a Square, by Stella Blackstone
The Happy Little Yellow Box, by David A. Carter

Here are some shapes poems to share with your little ones. I sang the poems to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" but you can also chant them. Have your toddler "draw" the shape in the air as you sing it.

Shape Poems

A square is like a box!
A square is like a box!
It has four sides; they're all the same,
A square is like a box!

A triangle has three sides!
A triangle has three sides!
Up the mountain, down and back,
A triangle has three sides!

A circle's like a ball!
A circle's like a ball!
Round and round it never stops,
A circle's like a ball!

A rectangle has four sides!
A rectangle has four sides!
Two are short and two are long,
A rectangle has four sides!